Things to know to avoid loan fraud


These days when so many uncertainties exist in life, it is worth arming one’s self with the right knowledge on a wide range of subjects. If finances are a major concern, the more that one should take the necessary steps to avoid accumulating debt and start saving for the future. It would also be a wise move to spend only on what you can afford and not waste your hard earned money on luxurious things.

Low income earners today often turn to short term lenders to fulfill their financial requirements. But a word of caution, there are lending companies that aim only to trick people and take advantage of their weakness to money. Some are not even legitimate so it’s always necessary to choose only those that can be trusted.

How then can you be sure that the lending company you prefer is the one that can provide you with your much needed cash at the right rates? Below are tips to consider to avoid fraudulent payday lenders. Keep them in mind so you won’t be swindled any time you apply for your payday or cash advance loan.

Do some research. As a borrower, doing your homework can go a long way in protecting you from scams and frauds. Ask around from people you know who have availed of payday loans in the past. Find out from family and friends the interest rates and other fees they paid before and the reliability of the company. Check out the news as well as tips shared by government sites and other trusted sources on the internet.

Choose the right one. You can do this by shopping from a variety of lending companies and finding out what each has to offer people in need of fast cash.

Contact lenders. As you do your research on the various lenders you’ve chosen in your list, you can also contact them by phone or email to get first hand information on their offerings. You can even ask for customer referrals to obtain details on how lenders do business.

Now once you’ve done these steps, there are also warning signs to be aware of. These are some unscrupulous lenders do but which you should avoid at all costs.

Charging of upfront fees. When applying for payday loans, there should be no upfront fees to be paid. The normal procedure is to submit all requirements and wait for the approval of your loan. Upon release of your money, it’s only the interest rate that will be deducted right away from the loan amount.

Very low interest rate. The competition is stiff in the lending industry but there’s no such thing as a lender offering an interest rate much lower than its close competitors. If there is any difference, it should only be a very small percentage.

Not asking for employment history. Payday lenders are in business to service low income people and those with poor credit history. One of their basic requirements is to submit a proof of employment such as a work phone number, record of previous employment and a current bank account as a form of assurance that the borrower is capable of paying back his or her loan. If a lender advertises that it accommodates all types of people even those not currently employed, you should already be wary about that.

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