How to borrow without affecting your credit score?


New Jersey payday loanMany people are aware that when they borrow money, their credit rating is somehow affected. Those who fail to make timely payments for their loans and credit card balances are all the more prone to establishing an unfavorable credit record.

Additionally, people who have already a bad credit history suffer some form of insecurity. A major factor behind this is the belief that borrowers with a not-so-good credit rating no longer have the right to apply for a payday loan in New Jersey or for a new credit card. Due to their knowledge of having an unfavorable credit rating, many people are hesitant to submit their applications to lending and credit card companies.

Another issue here is people’s fear that their credit status will be negatively affected once their loans applications are turned down. A recent online survey conducted by This is Money showed that majority of borrowers have learned to understand that being declined for a loan directly impacts their credit file which in turn may be known by other lenders and further prevent them from taking out loans.

But is there a chance for these borrowers to take advantage of loans and new credit cards without affecting their credit history? Should lending and credit card firms be biased against those with poor credit rating?

The answer is yes. But not all lenders can do this for all borrowers. There are only a few firms or three to be exact doing this in the USA today and these are Nationwide Building Society, Barclaycard and online lender Zopa. What these three do is conduct a so called quotation search in collaboration with one of the major credit reference agencies in the USA This step is to find out if the applicant has a chance to take out a loan but this does not have any bearing on the person’s credit file.

Many lenders agree this step is very important to prevent high risk customers from submitting several applications only within a short interval. They say this is also to guard them against fraudulent people applying for several loans at a time.

With this piece of good news, borrowers wanting to take a concrete action towards their financial situation such as consolidate their debts into one credit card or one loan should feel relieved. If they’re bent on making a positive change in their financial life and avail of personal loans such as the payday and cash advance, then they should also adhere to the policies of lenders to maintain a good credit standing.

Of the three lenders mentioned earlier, Nationwide offers the lowest rate of 7.6 percent for loans ranging from $ 7,500 to 14,000. Extloansusa, Inc. rates are based on a person’s credit risk but normally, low-risk applicants can enjoy a rate of 8.8 percent. Barclaycard for its part offers a 10.9 percent on its loans.

So the lesson to be learned here is to always be conscious of your financial responsibilities. If you don’t want to taint your credit standing, then pay your dues on time and never falter until you have paid off the balance.

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